Spring 2011

  • Neuroimaging and Traumatic Brain Injury - Kim Farbota
  • Genetic Approaches to Understanding Age-Dependent Synaptic Abnormalities and Neurodegeneration in the Retina - Dr. Akihiro Ikeda, Genetics
  • Insulin Resistance: Impact on Brain and Cognition Across Primate Species and its Mediating Dietary and Genetic Factors - Dr. Auriel Willette
  • Abdominal Obesity: Do Hormones Each Day Keep the Apple Away? - Dr. Wendy Kohrt
  • The role of tandem beta-strand addition in fibronectin function - Lisa Maurer
  • Using Drosophila to Study the Influence of Mitochondrial Quality Control in Parkinson’s Disease - Dr. Leo Pallanck, University of Washington
  • Establishing an experimental model for neuronal aging and age-related disease in Drosophila larvae - Dr. Dan Miller
  • IRES - Jenny Dahlberg & Heather McFadden

Fall 2010

  • NIH Funding How–to Grant Writing - Dr. Sanjay Asthana, Dept. of Geriatrics & Adult Development
  • New Tools for Studying Neurodegeneration in Drosophila - Dr. Richard Daniels, Dept. of Genetics
  • Caloric Restriction and Aging in Non-Primate Humans - Dr. Roz Anderson, Primate Research Center
  • The Beaver Dam Eye Study - Dr. Barbara Klein, Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
  • Translational Approaches for Addressing the Multifactorial Complexity of Incontinence and Other Common Geriatric Syndromes - Dr. George Kuchel, Director, UConn Center on Aging
  • In vivo Screening of New Therapeutic Gene Targets for Age Related Memory Loss - Dr. Corinna Burger, Dept. of Neurology

Spring 2010

  • Optimizing surgical parameters to prevent osteoarthritis - Anne Schmitz
  • Can we reverse neurodegeneration in the aging brain? - Dr. Marina Emborg
  • Targeting T cell migration stop signals for treatment of chronic inflammatory disease - Dr. Andrew Wiemer
  • Senescent Swallowing and Beyond - Dr. JoAnne Robbins w/Georgia Malandraki, Ph.D.
  • Sleep and the Progression of Neurodegenerative Disease - Jamie Elliot
  • Genetic analysis of age-dependent neuroprotective mechanisms in Drosophila - Dr. Barry Ganetzky

Fall 2009

  • NIH Funding How–to grant writing - Dr. Sanjay Asthana
  • Exploring the electrophysiological bases of visual working memory with EEG and rTMS - Dr. Brad Postle
  • Aging, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Luigi Puglielli, Geriatrics
  • Nonhuman Primate Models for Research on Aging and Local Resources - Dr. Joe Kemnitz
  • Caloric restriction and aging: studies in mice and monkeys - Dr. Richard Weindruch
  • Optimizing surgical parameters to prevent osteoarthritis - Anne Schmitz
  • Speaker for the Center for Neuroscience - Dr. David Holtzman
  • PPAR-gamma as a therapeutic target in Parkinson's disease - Christine Swanson

Spring 2009

  • Age-Related Alterations in Epigenetics and Prostate Disease Susceptibility - Dr. David Jarrard, Urology
  • T-cell migration as a therapeutic target for chronic inflammation - Dr. Andrew Wiemer, Medical Microbiology
  • Grant Writing, Funding and Institutional Resources - Dr. Sanjay Asthana, Geriatrics
  • Sex Hormones and the Neural Control of Breathing - Mary Behan, PhD Comparative Biosciences
  • Metabolic Regulators is Aging & Calorie Restriction - Rozalyn Anderson, PhD Primate Research Center
  • Sleep and the Progression of Neurodegenerative Disease - Jamie lee Elliott, Genetics
  • The longevity-assurance activity of the tumor suppressor p53: a long journey to Alzheimers Disease - Dr. Luigi Puglielli, Geriatrics
  • Neuroprotective genes in Drosophila - Daniel Miller, PhD Genetics

Fall 2008

Skeletal muscle iron metabolism, mitochondrial dysfunction, and sarcopenia in aging? - Emily Farrell, PhD Nutritional Sciences
• Regulated expression of FoxM1 and its target genes in proliferating islets: a role for G2/M control in islet proliferation - Dawn Davis, MD, PhD Medicine/Endocrinology
• Age Related Changes in Gait Mechanics - Amy Slider, Biomedical Engineering
• Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Research at UW - Sanjay Asthana, MD Medicine/Geriatics
• Cell migration: implications to cancer and inflammatory disease - Anna Huttenlocher, MD Pharmacology
• Metabolic Regulators in Aging and Calorie Restriction - Rozalyn Anderson, PhD, Primate Research Center
• Dynamics of Human Memory Formation - Donald McLaren, Neuroscience
• Age-related Eye Diseases - Barbara Klein, MD, MPH Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Spring 2008

• Aberrant expression of cyclic AMP Response Element Binding Protein contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction and decreased lifespan - Dr. Thomas Tubon
• Aging of the brain, neurotrophin signaling, lipid signaling, a novel form of post-translational regulation of membrane proteins, etc., etc., and Alzheimer’s disease: is IGF1-R the common culprit? - Dr. Luigi Puglielli
Can old monkeys teach us any new tricks about aging? - Dr. Christopher Coe
Body Size, Energy Metabolism and Aging - Dr. John Speakerman, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
PGC-1-related coactivator (PRC): molecular interactions and biological functions - Dr. Richard Scarpulla, Northwestern
• Breast Epithelial Cells Adjust Their Contractile Response to 3D Matrix Density through Filamin A-â1 Integrin Interactions - Scott Gehler, Postdoctoral Trainee

Fall 2007

• Understanding Dynamic Muscle Functions - Antonio Hernandez, Predoctoral Trainee
• Investigating the molecular basis for breast carcinoma progression in response to dense connective tissue - Patricia Keely, Faculty
• The Role of the LDL Receptor in Regulating Hepatic ApoB Secretion - Daniel Blasiole, Predoctoral Trainee
• Neurocognitive brain changes in people at risk for Alzheimer's Disease - Sterling Johnson, Faculty
• Effects of mtDNA Deletion Mutations, Electron Transport System Abnormalities and Caloric Restriction on Sarcopenia: Studies in Rat & Human Skeletal Muscle - Entela Lushaj, Postdoctoral Trainee
Genetic and Genomic Approaches to Diabetes Gene Discovery - Dr. Alan Attie
• TBA - JoAnne Robbins, Faculty and Ianessa Humbert, Postdoc on the CTSA (formerly K-12 Team) grant

Spring 2007

• Vitamin D: Is it the Fountain of Youth? – Neil Binkley, Faculty
• Molecular Players in the Hepatic Regulation of Plasma Lipid Homeostasis – Daniel Blasiole, Predoctoral Trainee
• Estrogen and Cognition: Fact or Fallacy? – Training Grant PI
• Effects of mtDNA deletion mutations, electron transport system abnormalities and caloric restriction on sarcopenia: studies in rat and human skeletal muscle – Entela Lushaj, Postdoctoral Trainee
• Muscle weakness: Which proteins are the culprits? – LaDora Thompson, Associate Professor, U of MN Program in Physical Therapy
• Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Aging – Patrick Bradshaw, Postdoctoral Trainee
• CREB and Aging – Jerry C. P. Yin, Faculty



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