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Featured Publications  Murdock, K. ... , 2016, Executive functioning and diabetes: The role of anxious arousal and inflammation., Psychoneuroendocrinology

 Kim, S., ... , 2016, Caregiving subgroups differences in the associations between the resilience resources and life satisfaction., J Appl Gerontol

 Andersson, M. ... , 2016, Chronic disease at midlife: Do parent-child bonds modify the effect of childhood SES?, J Health Soc Behav

 Tsenkova, V. ... , 2016, Depression amplifies the influence of central obesity on 10-year incidence of diabetes: Findings from MIDUS., PLoS ONE

 Stephan, Y., ... , 2017, Personality and sleep quality: Evidence from four prospective studies., Health Psychol

 Weinberger, A. ... , 2017, Depression and cigarette smoking behavior: A critical review of population-based studies., Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse

 Stokes, J. ... , 2017, Who are the people in your neighborhood? Neighborhood age composition and age discrimination., Soc Psychol Q

 Estill, A., ... , 2018, The effects of subjective age and aging attitudes on mid- to late-life sexuality., J Sex Res


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