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Featured Publications  Mishra, A. ... , 2018, The association of psychological well-being with disablement processes in a national sample., Appl Psychol Health Well Being

 Roberts, I. ... , 2019, Acetaminophen influences social and economic trust., Sci Rep

 Spears, S. ... , 2019, Sleep: A pathway linking personality to mortality risk. ,  J Res Pers

 Danielson, R., ... , 2018, An effective measure of childhood adversity that is valid with older adults., Child Abuse Negl

 Wilkinson, L. ... , 2019, How painful is a recession? An assessment of two future-oriented buffering mechanisms. , Soc Sci Med

 Campbell, J. ... , 2018, The differential impact of adverse childhood experiences in the development of pre-diabetes in a longitudinal cohort of US adults., J Diabetes Complications

 Stawski, R. ... , 2019, Age differences in everyday stressor-related negative affect: A coordinated analysis., Psychol Aging

 Park, J., ... , 2018, When anger expression might be beneficial for African Americans: The moderating role of chronic discrimination., Cultur Divers Ethnic Minor Psychol


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