Neighborhoods Affect Our Health & Well-being

Two smiling male neighbors talking through a wooden fence, discussing the latest news.

Do you like the neighborhood you live in? Click the link below to learn more about how your neighborhood may affect both your physical health and emotional well-being, which is the topic covered in the latest MIDUS newsletter, including:

    • What makes a good neighborhood and who is more likely to live in one.
    • How average neighborhood income is linked to mental and physical health.
    • How having good neighbors can combat stress.
    • Why perceptions of neighborhood safety matter.
    • Why neighborhood quality may be even more important as we age.

Unfortunately, people cannot always choose where they live. Income inequality and racial segregation prevents some people from moving into better neighborhoods where it’s easier to trust your neighbors and where community resources that promote health and well-being are available to all residents. Becoming aware of how neighborhoods can affect our health is the first step in improving neighborhood quality so its benefits can be made available to everyone.

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