IOA Affiliated Faculty and Scientists

The Institute on Aging has over 70 faculty affiliates from more than 40 academic departments/centers at UW–Madison, who study diverse aspects of aging across the lifespan, including transitions from early adulthood through midlife into older age. See the table below for more information about their research.

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IOA Affiliates

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Last Name First Name Research Topics Website
Anderson Rozalyn Animal Models, Biosciences, Cancer, Longevity, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Nutrition, Prostate, Research
Asthana Sanjay Alzheimer’s Disease, Cognition / Thinking, Estrogen
Attie Alan Beta-Cell Biology, Diabetes, Lipid Metabolism
Atwood Craig Hormonal Regulation, Neurodegenerative Disease
Auger Anthony Adolescence, Brain, Early Life Stress, Epigenetics, Hormones, Mental Health Risk, Social Development
Barczi Steven Education, Sleep
Barnes Jill Brain, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Exercise, Gender, Health Promotion / Wellness, Hypertension
Barrett Bruce Decision-Making, Health Promotion / Wellness, Infections, Preventative Medicine
Bautista Leonelo Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Disease, Epidemiology, Ethnic Groups, Genetics, Hypertension
Bendlin Barbara Alzheimer's Disease, Brain, Cognition / Thinking, Dementia, Diabetes, Disease, Infections, Insulin Sensitivity, Neuropsychology of Aging
Binkley Neil Animal Models, Biosciences, Clinical Practice, Developmental Changes, Disease, Drugs, Education, Health Promotion / Wellness, Menopause, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Nutrition, Osteoporosis, Preventative Medicine, Research, Therapy
Bowers Barbara Acute Care, Attitude toward Aging, Caregiving, Community / Home Care, Drugs, Education, Government, Housing, Long-Term Care, Personnel Needs
Burger Corinna Animal Models, Behavior, Biosciences, Brain, Cognition / Thinking, Parkinson's Disease
Buttrick Nicholas Attributional Complexity, Culture, Inequality, Residential Mobility
Carnes Molly Animal Models, Assessment, Health Promotion / Wellness, Veterans, Women's Issues
Colley Nansi Jo Animal Models, Biosciences, Genetics, Research
Colman Ricki Animal Models, Biosciences, Cognition, Developmental Changes, Longevity, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Nutrition, Research
Davidson Richard Biosciences, Brain, Developmental Changes, Mental Health, Neuropsychology of Aging
Davis Dawn Animal Models, Biosciences, Diabetes, Disease, Nutrition, Research, Veterans
Drezner Marc Animal Models, Attitude toward Aging, Biosciences, Drugs, Genetics, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Osteoporosis, Therapy
Engelman Corinne Alzheimer's Disease, Body Composition, Diabetes, Epidemiology, Genetics, Insulin Sensitivity
Engelman Michal Cognition, Demography, Health Inequities, Life Course, Longevity, Social Determinants of Health
Farrar-Edwards Dorothy Alzheimer's Disease, Assessment, Cognition / Thinking, Disability, Ethnic Groups, Health Promotion / Wellness, Stroke
Fields Beth Aging in Place, Chronic Conditions, Family Caregiving, Geriatric Health Services Research, Hospital Care, Implementation Science, Policy
Fletcher Jason Demography, Early Life Conditions, Education, Geographic Disparities, Mental Health, Social Genomics
Fowler Cynthia Cognition / Thinking, Hearing, Rehabilitation
Ganetzky Barry Animal Models, Biosciences, Brain, Disease, Genetics, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems
Ge Ying Biosciences, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Disease
Greenberg Jan Caregiving, Family, Intergenerational Relations, Mental Health, Psychological Well-Being, Rural Issues, Social Services, Social Support, Therapy
Hayney Mary Disease, Drugs, Genetics, Health Promotion / Wellness, Immune System, Preventative Medicine, Research, Therapy
Heiderscheit Bryan Biosciences, Health Promotion / Wellness, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Therapy
Holden Karen Behavior, Demography, Disability, Family, Gender, Income, Intergenerational Relations, Long-Term Care, Policy Analysis, Retirement, Women's Issues
Huttenlocher Anna Animal Models, Biosciences, Disease, Immune System
Jarrard David Animal Models, Biosciences, Cancer, Clinical Practice, Prostate
Johnson Sterling Alzheimer's Disease, Assessment, Brain, Cognition / Thinking, Neuropsychology of Aging
Jorgensen Erik Auditory Lifestyle, Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Hearing-related Qualify of Life
Karon Sarita Engineering, Policy Analysis, Preventative Medicine, Research
Kaufman Paul Animal Models, Biosciences, Clinical Practice, Drugs, Vision, Therapy
Kemnitz Joseph Animal Models, Biology of Aging, Disease, Nutrition
Kimple Michelle Animal Models, Biosciences, Diabetes, Disease, Drugs, Nutrition, Research
Klein Barbara Diabetes, Disease, Epidemiology, Gender, Hearing, Menopause, Nutrition, Osteoporosis, Research, Vision
Koltyn Kelli Arthritis, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Exercise, Frail Elderly, Gender, Health Promotion / Wellness, Housing, Hypertension, Menopause, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Pain
Kong Jooyoung Caregiving, Early Life Conditions, Family, Intergenerational Relations, Life Course, Mental Health, Social Determinants of Health
Konopka Adam Biology of Aging, Metabolism, Mitochondria, Muscle, Musculoskeletal, Osteoarthritis
Lamming Dudley Animal Models, Biosciences, Diabetes, Disease, Gender, Genetics, Longevity, Nutrition, Research
Mahoney Jane Acute Care, Disability, Disease, Epidemiology, Exercise, Falls, Frail Elderly, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Rehabilitation
Mailick Marsha Caregiving, Developmental Changes, Disability, Family, Gender, Intergenerational Relations, Life Events, Life Satisfaction, Mental Health, Psychological Well-Being, Research, Social Support, Women's Issues
Mares Julie Epidemiology, Health Promotion / Wellness, Nutrition, Vision
Mares Marie-Louise Behavior, Cognition / Thinking, Developmental Changes, Leisure, Media, Psychological Well-Being
Markel Mark Animal Models, Arthritis, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Orthopedics
Marks Nadine Caregiving, Demography, Developmental Changes, Family, Gender, Intergenerational Relations, Leisure, Life Events, Menopause, Mental Health, Psychological Well-Being, Social Support, Women's Issues
Mathur Sameer Allergy, Asthma, Clinical Practice, Immune System
Merrins Matthew Animal Models, Biosciences, Diabetes, Disease, Nutrition
Meyer Keith Animal Models, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Disease
Moore Darcie Biosciences, Brain, Research
Mowat Freya Animal Models, Comparative Animal Research, Genetics, Neurodegeneration, Ophthalmology, Retina
Noyce David Behavior, Cognition / Thinking, Disability, Engineering, Policy Analysis, Technology, Transportation Safety
Okonkwo Ozioma Alzheimer's Disease, Assessment, Brain, Cognition / Thinking, Dementia, Exercise, Genetics, Neuropsychology of Aging, Research
Palloni Alberto Behavior, Biosciences, Cancer, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Caregiving, Cognition / Thinking, Death & Dying, Dementia, Demography, Diabetes, Disability, Disease, Education, Family, Frail Elderly, Gender, Health Promotion / Wellness, Health Services, Hypertension, Leisure, Life Events, Long-Term Care, Longevity, Mental Health, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Nutrition, Retirement, Social Support
Papp Lauren Developmental Changes, Family, Housing, Intergenerational Relations, Life Events, Mental Health, Psychological Well-Being, Research
Prolla Tomas Animal Models, Biosciences, Cancer, Disease, Genetics
Puglielli Luigi Alzheimer's Disease, Biosciences, Brain, Cognition / Thinking, Drugs, Genetics
Qin Weidi Diabetes, Cardiometabolic Risk, Functional Disability, Minority Aging, Neighborhood Context, Social Support
Robert Stephanie Attitude toward Aging, Caregiving, Community / Home Care, Demography, Disability, Disease, Ethnic Groups, Gender, Government, Housing, Income, Intergenerational Relations, Life Events, Long-Term Care, Policy Analysis, Psychological Well-Being, Social Services, Social Support, Women's Issues
Rogers Timothy Behavior, Biosciences, Brain, Cognition / Thinking, Dementia
Ryff Carol Attitude toward Aging, Developmental Changes, Family, Health Promotion / Wellness, Intergenerational Relations, Life Events, Life Satisfaction, Mental Health, Psychological Well-Being, Relocation, Therapy
Schaefer Stacey Affective, cognitive, and aging neuroscience, Brain health and brain aging, Emotional biases and emotion regulation, Emotional determinants of health and wellbeing, Mental health, Multimodal neuroimaging & Psychophysiology, Psychological wellbeing
Schoeller Dale Animal Models, Body Composition, Diabetes, Exercise, Metabolic Rate, Nutrition
Schrage William Animal Models, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Systems, Diabetes, Disease, Exercise, Gender, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems
Schroepfer Tracy Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer, Caregiving, Death & Dying, Dementia, Ethnic Groups, Health Services, Psychological Well-Being
Simcox Judith Animal Models, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Gender, Genetics, Lipidomics, Longevity, Nutrition, Thermogenesis
Song Jieun Bereavement, Caregiving, Cognition, Mortality, Life Course, Longitudinal Data, Psychosocial Determinants of Health
Thelen Darryl Exercise, Falls, Frail Elderly, Musculoskeletal & Motor Systems, Rehabilitation
Tsenkova Vera Behavior, Developmental Changes, Diabetes, Education, Epidemiology, Ethnic Groups, Exercise, Health Promotion / Wellness, Insulin Sensitivity, Mental Health, Preventative Medicine, Psychological Well-Being, Research, Sleep
Last Name First Name Research Topics Website