Lauren Gresham

Credentials: B.A. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Position title: Research Program Manager

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Lauren Gresham

Institute on Aging Office:                                                                                    West Campus Office:
2245E Medical Sciences Center                                                                        Keystone House
1300 University Ave                                                                                               901 University Bay Drive Rm 204
Madison, WI 53706 USA                                                                                      Madison, WI 53705 USA

I manage a wonderful team who collects our psychophysiological and neuroimaging assessments in order to learn more about emotional time courses in the body and brain. These data, when combined with the sociodemographic, psychosocial, and lifestyle information in MIDUS allows us to expand our understanding of emotional wellbeing, how emotional processes contribute to health in the body and in the brain, including brain aging processes, neurodegeneration, and the development of Alzheimer’s Disease and related diseases and what factors may protect against some age- or stress-related changes. I started working on MIDUS as a research specialist for the first MIDUS Refresher wave in 2012, and have been working with Dr. Schaefer since 2009.